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[Melixir People] Pablo, Photographer at Melixir

Pablo, Photographer at Melixir

[Interview] Melixir draws inspiration from young professionals who courageously venture towards their aspiring dreams. Read the story of our photographer, Pablo, who travels the world and captures nature and objects from his own perspective.


Hello! Can you give a brief introduction of yourself? 

Hello, my name is Pablo Oh! I am an adventure/product photographer, as well as a filmmaker currently living in Bolivia. My passion for photography started back in 2009 when I bought my first camera, a Canon XSi. After finishing my BFA in Photography at Ontario College of Art & Design University, I’ve had the opportunity to work in different countries around the world. My current portfolio includes clients such as Canon, National Geographic Traveler, LG Mobile, and GoPro.


How did you first come across Melixir?

During my time in the U.S. back in 2018, I met Hana, the CEO of Melixir, at my previous job. We built a solid friendship back then that kept us in contact throughout the years. When I moved to Korea in 2019, I reached out to her as she was starting Melixir, and we’ve worked together ever since!


Do you have a favorite Melixir product and if so, why is it your favorite?

I have two favorite products, the Vegan Lip Butter (in Nude Crumble) and Vegan Relief Facial Cream. I love both of these products because when applied, they don’t leave an irritating feeling on my skin like some of the other products I’ve tried before.


What is your current favorite brand?

As a photographer, a brand I currently enjoy a lot at the moment is Peak Design. They are known to be an industry leader in carry-solutions, especially with their backpacks. I appreciate their innovative and futuristic approach to how creatives carry their gear.


What is your definition of mindfulness, and do you have your way of keeping a mindful living?

This is quite an interesting question for me. Every time I travel, I make sure to set aside time off each day to pause and fully take in my surroundings, especially when I am within a landscape. I put the camera down after I get all the photos I want and appreciate where I am. It is a powerful routine that has made me more mindful during my travel, using all my senses in the places that bring me the most joy.


If you have any ambitious plans/ goals this year, please share with us!

I am not the type of person that plans way ahead into the future, but my goal this year is to live in a completely different country (out of the ones I’ve visited before). Not too sure where exactly, but I flourish and grow tremendously as a person in a new environment.