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[Melixir People] Tom, Accounting and Finance Manager at Melixir

Tom, Accounting and Finance Manager at Melixir

Hi Tom! What do you do at Melixir?


I am in charge of Melixir’s finances and accounting, as well as recording and analyzing all our financial data. My main goal is to understand the limitations Melixir might face with the resources we currently have. With that in mind, I set smaller, more attainable objectives that can help us achieve other long-term company aspirations.  

I’m interested in what a typical day at work looks like for you. Who do you mainly work with?


I work with Hana and Jason the most. On the second Thursday of every month, we go over the previous month’s profit and loss statement and create a plan for the upcoming month. During the 4th week of the month, we compare and analyze our performance against the plan we originally created. If our performance isn’t as good as expected, we then brainstorm other ways to make up for it. We also pay close attention to any inflows or outflows of our funds as we are a company that is actively attracting outside investors. Every two weeks or so, I draw up a report on the current status of our funds, our funding needs, and a future plan for those needs to present to our team. 

How did you come to work at Melixir, a vegan cosmetic brand?


Rather than wanting to work in the cosmetic industry, I was influenced more by seeing the number of people who wanted to work at Melixir. I think Melixir is a company made up of young, talented, and passionate individuals. I never thought I’d end up working here despite knowing the brand for a while; I got to know Melixir through a friend using the Melixir Lip Butter. 

Before joining the team, I worked as part of the finance department in a larger corporation. Not only was everything— the salary, the job itself, and my fit for the job– all satisfactory, I also met a lot of good people there. However, after spending more time there, I realized that I wanted to work with more passionate people in a more intimate environment. That is why after three years into my previous job, I decided to change companies to find a place that would motivate me even more. 

During my job search, I already knew for sure that I wanted to work with start-ups. While I was searching, I unexpectedly came across a job posting for an accounting/financial management position at Melixir and ended up applying for it. An important factor I take in when choosing jobs is whether or not I click with the people I work with, so I told myself that I’d try working at Melixir for three months and see how it goes. I ended up really liking the company and the people there so I chose to stay and am now the youngest member of Melixir (laughs).


I know you’re from Poland. Could you share which part of it you enjoyed the most there?


I really liked how much green space and parks there are in Poland. Since I have a dog, it’s really important for me that there are parks and trails close to where I live. While Korea also has a lot of beautiful parks spread throughout its cities, there aren’t a lot of wide grass fields where dogs can run around all year like Poland does. Out of everyone who returned to Korea with me, I think my dog, Summer, regretted coming back the most. 

What are values ​​you find most important at work?


I think the ability to inspire value in others' lives is important. Those in more administrative, general office management positions like me lack the ability to contribute to the productivity of the company unlike my colleagues who are in product development, design, or sales. This is why I put a lot of effort into coming up with a variety of realistic, practical ways to help the company grow and increase its productivity. 

What is one thing Melixir is good at and one thing it can do better?


Wow, this is a difficult question, but I think fostering a group of talented and passionate individuals is what Melixir is good at. As mentioned before, I care a lot about what kind of people I work with and even though this might be because we are a smaller company, the people I work with are genuinely really nice. In terms of what we can do better, I think we can strengthen our presence in overseas markets. I know we are making great progress in the U.S. market already, so I really hope we continue to perform well. 

Since we are all staying home because of the pandemic, what are activities that make you happy these days?


I really like taking walks with my dog Summer at the Han River Park during the night. I feel healthy going out on walks and enjoy observing other people who are also out exercising. The greenery that surrounds me really relaxes me. This may sound strange, but sometimes the breeze will carry the smell of the Han River with it, making me feel refreshed. It’s a really nice place to go when I feel stuffy or need a place to relax. 

Do you have any goals, personal or for Melixir, that you want to accomplish for the rest of this year?


I want to live in the moment. Whether at work or at home, I want to spend my time productively. I’ve set many goals throughout my life, but because I become easily complacent with myself, I end up scrapping my goal. I always justify abandoning my goals  with different excuses, but this year, I want to live and work hard enough to make me want to give myself an award for doing so. 

Lastly, what kind of brand does Tom want Melixir to become?


I want Melixir to be a brand that people want to be actively involved with. I hope that consumers’ interactions with our brand do not just end with the purchase of our products, but go beyond that and feel included and involved in the community of people who actually develop and create the products. I want them to be able to share their experiences and thoughts with each other and help Melixir achieve even more. Whether it’s purchasing our products or participating in community events, I want everyone to work together to make a better Melixir.