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[Melixir People] Yerin, Designer and Content Planner at Melixir

Yerin, Designer and Content Planner at Melixir

Hi Yerin! Can you tell us about your role at Melixir?


Hi! At Melixir, I am in charge of space design and content planning. As the project manager for our pop-up store at Parnas Mall, Lotte Mall, and the Melixir House, I’m responsible for planning, designing and constructing spaces dedicated to the brand. Also, because Melixir is a brand with a lot of stories, I help draft plans in communication strategies, making sure Melixir is portrayed as a three-dimensional brand with depth to it through platforms like Instagram and our blog.


I heard that you studied architecture. How did you become involved with Melixir?


I was actually in the middle of studying architecture in New York when COVID-19 hit. When the situation got worse, I took a leave of absence and came back to Korea. After that, I read a lot of books about startups, especially Peter Thiel's “Zero to One,” Adam Grant's “Originals,” and Ray Dalio's “Principles.” It was through reading these books that I experienced, for the first time, what it’s like to feel your heart beating in your chest from the excitement. This, I think, is why I made the decision to work at a startup. Back when I lived in New York, a melting pot of culture, I saw many chances to incorporate veganism into my daily life. I have also always been aware of topics like sustainability and environmentalism, which is why I often think about how I can make a difference in those ways with my architecture projects. In the end, I think being able to empathize with Melixir's philosophy was what made me want to be part of its growth as a brand and as a company.


Melixir has a strong brand image online, but it must’ve been harder to build that same image with interior design, right?


Melixir is a brand with a solid core and foundation, which was why I wanted to work with it so much. I remember how shocked I was when I saw the influence and impact Glossier had when it opened its flagship store in New York. People stood in what seemed like a never-ending line. But let me ask you, do you think there was an immediate synergy between online marketing and the in-person experience? You really have to know what your target customers are thinking in order to create that synergy (laughs). I definitely think that Melixir has the potential to grow into a brand that can reap the benefits from a synergy between its online and offline image.


I’m interested in what your usual day looks like after arriving at work. Who do you mainly work with?


When I get to the office in the morning, I write down a list of to-dos for the day, sort them by priority and then start attacking it one by one. Melixir communicates with its customers mainly through Instagram, which actually requires detailed planning, so we dedicate most of our time in that area. Recently, Melixir launched a marketing campaign and is in the process of creating content related to it, so I am focusing on how to improve our communication so that it’s more clear and stands out to the public. On the side, I am continuously exploring the possibility of new additions to the current Melixir space, although I am not entirely sure when and whether or not it’ll happen. When it comes to design, I collaborate a lot with our designer Koeun, our brand manager Jenny, and our marketer Rahee. Before that though, I always check in with our CEO Hana to confirm we are moving in the right direction. The Melixir team is full of professionals in their respective fields, so when we talk with each other, a special synergy manifests, giving birth to ideas that I couldn’t have thought of myself. We really have a lot of fun when working together.


What are things you value when working?


I think flexibility is important, because my job requires a lot of creativity and I’m still in the middle of trying out things that have never been done at Melixir. If there are better ideas, we immediately execute it. If it doesn’t go as planned, flexibility on everyone’s parts is needed to quickly make a decision on how to proceed to the next steps. Something else that I have continuously valued is being responsible and giving your best. For me, I always try to deliver the best results with anything I do, so when I look back, I can confidently say that I did my best and don’t regret anything.


What are some good and not-so-good things about working at Melixir?


Since Melixir is a startup, everything needs to be planned and executed as quickly as possible. So even if I get frustrated by how slow the actual process takes, I feel like I am still actively contributing and serving a purpose on the team. It’s also really nice to be able to see our customers’ reaction to all the interior spaces I’ve designed and the contents I’ve planned. Working at Melixir has also given me so many opportunities to grow and hone my skills, especially under a boss whom you trust and who trusts you completely. I’m thankful to work with such good people, in such a good work environment, and just simply being able to enjoy myself. Despite its size, working at Melixir has so many perks (laughs). As for more negative matters, I think since I have so many responsibilities, my weaknesses are easily revealed. When that happens, I get upset, but I tell myself that I will and can grow to become better and more skilled in different areas. I want to become someone who’s so good at her job that others want to work with her.


What are some things you do to maintain a healthy everyday life?


Lately, I’ve been trying to exercise more during my spare time. Because I’m not good at doing something consistently, I’ve always tried different things that interest me depending on what I feel at the moment; I’ve alternated between yoga, pilates, and the gym for more than 5 years. My physical condition wasn’t the best in the beginning, but thanks to trying out different activities, my stamina has improved a lot. In the future, I’d love to try hiking and surfing. Another thing that I’ve been trying to work on is thinking in a more positive and simple manner, because I tend to think too much. Sometimes it’s hard to make good substantial progress when your thoughts continuously drag you down. I believe that short-term thinking and making quick decisions can help with maintaining a healthy mindset (laughs).


The pandemic affected nearly all aspects of our lives, making it important to find our own little happiness. What makes you happy nowadays?


I am happy whenever I work with people who have good energy. I am constantly thankful to be able to spend my time in such an enjoyable way. At the end of the day, when you’re having a hard time, you depend on the support of those around you. I haven’t been able to meet many new people after the pandemic, but I think I was able to build a deeper relationship with my current friends. I hope I can go on a trip soon with those friends!


Lastly, what kind of brand do you, Yerin, want to make Melixir into?


Even though there are so many stories and values Melixir wants to convey to the public, ultimately, I hope it can bring happiness to others. I wish it becomes an inspiration to many and end up as a brand that never loses its charm and appeal.