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"Shouldn’t skincare be as healthy and sustainable as our diet?"
This question was the start of Melixir. Excessive packaging in the beauty industry results in a tremendous amount of waste every year, and toxic ingredients in cosmetics threaten our health. The global cosmetics industry worth $600 billion has a huge impact on our lives. Melixir is Korea’s first vegan skincare brand, dedicated to tackling the problem of traditional beauty industry - we make vegan cosmetics with plant-based ingredients and sustainable materials for the benefit of your skin’s health and nature.

Vegan beauty is a new way of living. Throughout the supply chain, we prioritize options that minimize our impact on the planet. We make 100% vegan products that are cruelty-free. Package our products with FSC-certified paper harvested in a socially and environmentally responsible way. Transform used bottles and jars into new resources through our recycling campaign.
We do what we can to make a better future for everyone.
We are changing the world with healthy and sustainable choices for us and the planet.

“While working in beauty industry for the last 7 years, I came across countless skincare products but could hardly find ones that did not sensitize my skin. I identified the list of harmful ingredients that affected my skin, and dropped all of the products that I was using at the time. Then I started using plant-based natural cosmetics that do not contain those ingredients, and the magic happened: my skin returned to a clear, healthy, and balanced state. After I found out that plant-based products are improving my skin, I created Melixir, Korea’s first vegan skincare brand, to help people with skin problems. 

Though some people are born with sensitive skin, most often our skin is sensitized over time, which is a problem that can be easily addressed with the right skincare. When we formulate, we exclude our designated list of harmful ingredients to eliminate any irritants or sensitizers that affect our skin. We are committed to creating 100% vegan products using only the ingredients that either directly benefits the health of the skin or support the integrity of our formulations. 

We believe the true beauty lies in the harmony of man and nature. Though it is true that we are in the business that inevitably affects the environment, we do what we can to reduce our impact on our planet, sourcing ethically produced ingredients and sustainable materials. Dedicated to creating a more balanced, healthier world, we bring you plant-powered formulas with the highest efficacy from nature to you, and back again.”

- Hana Lee, CEO